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Yue Chen


About me:

I currently teach at Lake Forest Academy as visual art and Mandarin Chinese instructor.

I was born and raised in China. After I graduated with an MA in Ceramics, I came to the U.S. to pursue an MFA in Drawing (2005–2008). I then worked as a teaching artist in Chicago area as well as a Mandarin Chinese instructor in a language institute. I quit the job and started working on my book project in 2012. Before I joined Lake Forest Academy in January 2015, I had published two illustrated books in MeimeiStory series and two workbooks.

Besides teaching and making art, I am currently working on a certificate with Global Competence certificate (GCC ) program, a graduate-level certificate program in global education for in-service educators.  I will be complete the program in May 2018.



2017—2018   Global Competence Certificate     Teachers College, Columbia University,                                    World Savvy, and Asia Society

2005—2008 MFA  Drawing     Kansas State University

2002—2005 MA   Ceramics       Tsinghua University

1996—2000 BA    Ceramics       Tsinghua University



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