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2012—2014 Meimeibook Series

2015—present Sophie


Meimeibook Series

I started my first book of MeimeiBook series in 2012, which was fully funded at after I published the first book, I had created and self-published on Amazon the second Meimei book and two workbooks along two books. Along the hard copy books, I also created an old-school puppet show video clip and posted on Youtube. After I completed the second book and workbooks by the end of 2014, I felt I hit the wall and lost motivation on the project.  I hope that I can pick up Meimeibook series at some point of this year.



Sophie was the character that I created in 2014, as I was in need of an approach to promote my Meimeibook series.  Sophie wasn’t very active until my recent trip to Kenya in July 2017. It was the fieldwork of the Global Competence certificate program I am attending. Our project on the field work was HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment.  I reactivated Sophie and used her to deliver the message and information to the local villagers. Sophie was loved by everyone who had met her.  I am planning to put Sophie in my next book project, I would like to send Sophie book back to Kakamega, Kenya, where she was known.

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