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2012—2014 Meimeibook Series

2015—present Sophie


Meimeibook Series

I started my first book of MeimeiBook series in 2012, which was fully funded at After I published the first book, I had created and self-published the second Meimei book and two workbooks. Along the hard copy books, I also created an old-school puppet show video clip and posted on Youtube.

I had completed the second book Let’s count and workbooks by the end of 2014, I felt like I hit the wall and lost motivation and inspiration for the project, Meimei is still with me though. I will pick it up someday in near future.



Sophie was the character that I created in 2014, as I was in need of  a way to promote my Meimeibook series.  Sophie wasn’t very active until my recent trip to Kenya in July 2017. It was the fieldwork of the Global Competence Certificate(GCC) program that I am attending. Our project was HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment in Kakamega, Kenya.  I reactivated Sophie and used her to deliver the message and information to the local villagers. Sophie was loved by everyone who had ‘met’ her in Kakamega.

I didn’t want my journey in Kenya to end just like that. I have decided to create an illustrated book by using Sophie as the main character. I am now working with a group of LFA student on this book project with the hope that we will bring the book of Sophie back to Kakamega Kenya this summer! (2018)

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